Do you know how small modifications to our everyday lives can achieve so much in preserving the planet?


  • In winter, dress warmer to use as little heating energy as possible
  • Dress as lightly as possible in summer to cut down on the air conditioning
  • Close doors and windows to keep the heat in
  • Turn off lights
  • Make maximum use of daylight
  • Use alternative heating sources in the house such as fire in the hearth, solar energy
  • Use automatic heating thermostats
  • Use insulation materials to prevent heat loss through window and door openings
  • Fill empty space in the fridge with bottles of water as this consumes less electricity for refrigeration


  • Do not leave the refrigerator door open
  • Switch off the appliances you use as soon as you finish cooking 
  • Use linen kitchen cloths instead of paper towels
  • Do not use plastic and paper utensils and plates
  • Select shorter and more economical programs on dishwashers
  • If you wash the dishes by hand, collect as many dishes as possible


  • Close the water tap as soon as you finish using it
  • Do not let water run while brushing your teeth
  • Do not let water run while applying soap in the shower
  • Take a shower instead of taking a bath
  • Wash bigger loads of clothing
  • Collect rainwater for watering the garden
  • Use the small button on the dual-flush toilet system


  • Ventilate rooms frequently
  • Keep the ventilation devices and filters clean
  • Use chemicals carefully
  • Clean and vacuum regularly
  • Do not use gas or oil furnaces
  • Wash bedding at higher temperatures (60 °C)


  • Read books instead of watching TV or sitting at a computer
  • Do not leave computers, TVs, or electronic devices on when not being used
  • Use a night light when reading
  • Do not place large pieces of furniture or toys in front of the radiator
  • When you are away from home for a long time, turn off all devices with clocks, microwave ovens, radios, TV sets, etc.


  • Separate everything useful from the household waste
  • Do not throw away anything that someone else can still use (give away old toys, use old clothes as cleaning cloths…)
  • Do not throw away hazardous waste in the household rubbish