Proper waste disposal includes the establishment of waste management centres, remediation of landfills and management of closed landfills.

The very term waste disposal still refers to a whole range of different ways in which waste is disposed of. In households, we dispose of it by putting it in trash bins, we take it out of our house or apartment and put it in a designated bin, container, or skip. But which bin? The utility company in charge of waste collection and disposal collects our waste, but what happens to it next?

Waste is certainly taken out of the human environment, but if it is only dumped on a large pile in a landfill, it poses a problem and a danger, and, at the very least, it ruins the space in which it is placed.

Therefore, it is necessary to talk about the correct waste disposal or the proper waste disposal. Only in this context does waste disposal become part of a larger whole – part of waste management.

In households, we can dispose of waste in the correct way by sorting it and then taking it to the bins designated for separate waste collection. This ensures the possibility of waste recycling.

The Utility Company Čistoća has installed a large number of bins for separate waste collection and it transports the collected waste to companies authorized for waste recycling. The remaining waste is not disposed of in a landfill pile, but is taken by the UC Čistoća to the County Waste Management Centre Marišćina.

With the closure of the Viševac landfill and its remediation, and the opening of the County Waste Management Centre, Rijeka and Primorje – Gorski Kotar County have taken the first important steps in the proper disposal of waste. The County Waste Management Center Marišćina provides:

  • reception of sorted and unsorted waste
  • mechanical-biological treatment of waste
  • disposal of residual waste with as little organic matter as possible
  • reduction of the amount of waste to less than 35% of the input mass
  • treatment of liquid and gaseous residues in appropriate installations
  • treatment of non-hazardous industrial waste