Can we deposit loose items into the mixed municipal waste bin?

No. All waste deposited in the green bin must not be disposed of as loose items. Please dispose of all remaining waste in properly sealed bags.

Also, please close the lid after using the bin.

You can read more on the types of waste that can be deposited and the types of waste that must not be deposited in the green bin on this link Bins.


What to do if you spot excessive littering or illegal dumping?

Any improper disposal of waste around the bins, in public spaces or on any space not intended for waste disposal, represents a serious violation of the city’s regulations on maintaining public cleanliness and order.

In order to identify the perpetrator, prevent the repetition of the violation, and to initiate the removal of the illegally deposited waste, such actions should be immediately reported to the municipal services monitoring office of the relevant local self-government unit.

Bulky waste

Is it allowed to dump tree branches, twigs and green waste from gardens and backyards into bulky waste skips?

No. Branches, twigs and green waste from gardens and backyards do not belong to bulky municipal waste. According to the Decision on the Maintenance of Public Cleanliness and Order of the City of Rijeka, it is prohibited to dispose of sawdust, cut shrubbery and branches, or any other green waste, in public spaces as well as in waste bins.

This type of waste can be disposed of free of charge by personally transporting it to the recycling yards Mihačeva draga and Pehlin (up to 2 m³ per year). Users also have the option of bulky waste collection at the user’s billing location in the quantity of up to 2 m³ per year, whereby, under the same conditions, citizens can order the removal of green waste generated by pruning gardens and backyards, instead of bulky waste. More information is available on this link.

This free of charge removal of waste service is only available to natural persons and not to legal entities. Also, by contacting the Commercial Department of UC Čistoća, you can order individual removal of bulky waste at the following rates: HRK 400.00 (3 m³ skip) or HRK 600.00 (5 m³ skip).

Bulky waste

Where to dispose of bulky waste (old furniture and household appliances)?

Bulky waste can be disposed of free of charge in the recycling yards of Mihačeva draga, Pehlin and Jože Vlahovića as well as in the recycling yards of Podhum and Kostrena (the quantity of waste per household is limited to 2 m³ per year).

Residents of all local self-government units in which UC Čistoća manages waste are also provided with the option of bulky waste removal in the amount of up to 2 m³ per year at the billing location of the service user, provided they fill out and submit a request. Request forms can be found on the following page: Bulky waste .

Bins, Bulky waste

Can we leave waste next to the bins?

No waste, whether ordinary household waste or separately collected waste, should be left next to the bins. In addition to violating city’s regulations on maintaining public cleanliness and order, and thus being subject to municipal services monitoring office sanctions, such waste attracts animals such as rats, cockroaches and flies, which contributes to the spread of disease. Also, such waste develops an unpleasant odour, and creates an eyesore in the cityscape.

What can you do?

Sort the waste properly and dispose of it in the dedicated bins!


Why is there an opinion that the same truck picks up waste from several different bins at a single location?

For the entire area of operation of the Utility Company Čistoća, only one truck is designated for collecting all types of waste, including both mixed municipal and valuable types of waste. However, the truck operates according to a schedule designating separate days for separate types of waste. In a single day it is always only one type of waste that is collected. We should also point out that all trucks are thoroughly washed every day, primarily in order to preserve the cleanliness of the collected valuable types of waste.

In the event that valuable, separately collected waste in one of the bins is contaminated by the disposal of residual, mixed municipal waste (household waste) through the actions of irresponsible individuals, this waste, unfortunately, becomes unusable and as such must be collected in the truck together with the remaining mixed waste.


Why are the bins sometimes overflowing with waste?

The number of bins is distributed in such a way as to allow all users to dispose of waste “right at their doorstep”. Also, the frequency of waste removal is defined by a detailed operations plan. Nevertheless, citizens often complain about the overflowing green bins intended for mixed municipal waste. This is due to the fact that the waste is not disposed of properly, i.e. the waste is not separated! Proper separation of valuable types of waste will reduce the amount of waste in the green bins intended for the remaining mixed municipal waste, and the bins will no longer be overfilled.

What can you do?

Properly separate valuable types of waste and dispose of them in the recycling bins on the streets (blue for paper, orange for glass, and yellow for plastics, metals and multilayer packaging) intended for the collection of valuable types of waste.


How to register or de-register a household member?

In case of any change in the number of persons residing in a household as declared in the submitted and certified Declaration on the Use of Service, the user is obliged to notify UC Čistoća Ltd in writing about the said change no later than the 22nd day of the month for the current month.

If the user resides in a single-dwelling structure (family house), the change of data is submitted with a written notice, which must be accompanied by a certificate from the Ministry of the Interior on de-registration / registration of permanent residence or a certificate from the Ministry of the Interior on the number of household members.

If the user resides in a residential structure consisting of two or three housing units, they submit the notice on the change of data on household members to UC Čistoća Ltd together with the signature and certification of another service user at the same address.

If the user lives in a multi-dwelling structure (four or more housing units), the information on the change of household members is submitted by an authorized representative of the building co-owners with a certified and signed notice.

In case of a termination of the use of a property (apartment, house, commercial premises), the user is obliged to notify UC Čistoća Ltd in writing within 15 days. The termination of the service user status is proven by an Agreement for Sale of Immovable Property or other authentic documentation.

Any change that is declared takes effect from the date of notification and shall not be applicable retroactively.

Changes in data are submitted in writing to the service provider at the following address: UC Čistoća Ltd, Dolac 14, Rijeka or directly at the customer services desks in the public counters hall.

For further information, please contact our Commercial Department on these numbers: 051 353 400 (residential premises) and 051 353 403 (commercial premises), or send an e-mail to:, or:

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