UC Čistoća performs the activities of cleaning and washing public-traffic spaces, emptying dustbins, intensified cleaning during public events, maintenance of public toilets and bathrooms, cleaning of beaches in summer periods, and maintenance of autumn and winter operations.

UC Čistoća Ltd performs the activities of maintaining cleanliness in the areas of the city of Rijeka, towns of Kastav and Kraljevica, and the municipality of Klana. The cleanliness maintenance operations plan is determined every year in collaboration with the local self-government units. UC Čistoća Ltd performs its operations in accordance with the designated plans.

Cleanliness maintenance includes the following activities:

  • cleaning and washing of public-traffic spaces, manually and/or mechanically – with specialized vehicles
  • dustbin emptying operations in Rijeka city centre as well as at bus stops
  • intensified cleaning during public events
  • maintenance of public toilets and bathrooms
  • cleaning of beaches in summer periods
  • autumn operations, which include intensified cleaning of streets in the wider city centre, with special emphasis on the removal of leaves from roads and pavements
  • winter operations, which include a work organization plan for the gritting of public spaces, removal of snow and ice, and removal of grit from public spaces

Maintenance Department

Head of Department: Thierry Randisi
telephone: +385 51 226 077
address: Osječka 55, Rijeka

The Maintenance Department performs the Company’s basic activities in the field of cleaning of facilities and spaces and the maintenance of green spaces.