Smart modular bin station

Smart modular bins enable the collection of mixed and recyclable waste, have embedded fill-level sensors, collect data in real time, and produce notifications when they are ready for emptying. Smart modular bins are really smart in many ways, primarily because they have integrated fill-level sensors, as well as a GPS transmitter and a SIM card which allow them to communicate with the software and send a signal when they need to be emptied.  


  • embedded fill-level sensors
  • GPS transmitter and SIM card
  • Clean Management app
  • significant savings in time, labour, and energy consumption
  • pollution reduction
  • powered by solar energy
  • ashtray and foot pedal

Clean Management software and powerful waste compression device

With the help of the CLEAN Management app, smart bins send notifications when they need to be emptied, which saves the vehicles from making unnecessary collection trips to the site until the bins are completely full.

The result is significant savings in time, labour and energy consumption, as well as a contribution to reducing pollutant emissions into the environment.

In addition, smart bins have an extremely powerful compression device, which compresses the waste and allows for the disposal of much bigger quantities of waste. Thanks to the compression device, smart bins have five to seven times the capacity of conventional waste bins. Compressing waste significantly reduces the number of waste collection trips. 

Smart bins are also exclusively powered by solar energy produced by their own photovoltaic panels located on top of the bin station.

Therefore, they can be installed anywhere, with no need for additional connections. The high capacity bin for mixed municipal waste comes with an additionally integrated ashtray and foot pedal.

Last but not least, the smart bin station panels can be customized and wrapped with visuals and educational messages, and thus serve the dual purpose of both waste collection and educating our citizens. Rijeka’s smart bin stations feature works of art by Rijeka’s artists, making them a part of the city’s urban identity.