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Utility Company Čistoća • Rijeka


Separate waste collection bins allow us to manage all our reusable household waste right at our doorstep

Bulky waste

Bulky waste collection and transport for users in the following cities and towns: Rijeka, Bakar, Kastav and Kraljevica, as well as the municipalities of Čavle, Jelenje, Klana, Kostrena and Viškovo

Recycling yards

Citizens can dispose of valuable and difficult types of household waste in the recycling yards

Mobile recycling yards

Mobile recycling yards are mobile units for separate collection and storing of small quantities of reusable and difficult types of household waste

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This is a place where citizens can come and, free of charge, repair small appliances, broken and damaged pieces of furniture, clothing, toys, etc., with the assistance of skilled repairmen.


A dispenser machine where visitors can buy organic food and other eco-friendly products.


A green mobile app for educational and informational purposes. The app is available in Croatian language only.

Smart bins

A smart modular container for mixed and recyclable waste collection.

Public spaces

Public-traffic spaces cleaning and maintenance

Green spaces

Green spaces maintenance in the city of Rijeka

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