Utility Company Čistoća Ltd is a company for maintaining cleanliness and waste management in the city of Rijeka and its metropolitan area which includes the towns of Bakar, Kastav and Kraljevica and the municipalities of Klana, Jelenje, Viškovo, Kostrena and Čavle.

The Company’s core activities are waste collection and disposal, cleaning of public-traffic spaces, maintenance of public toilets, bathrooms and beaches, and maintenance of green spaces of the city of Rijeka.

Municipal waste collection 

UC Čistoća Ltd performs municipal waste collection in the area of the city of Rijeka, towns of Bakar, Kastav and Kraljevica, and the municipalities of Klana, Jelenje, Viškovo, Kostrena and Čavle, using 7,500 bins for separate collection of paper and cardboard, glass, plastic, metal and tetra packaging, and 6,900 bins for the disposal of the remaining (mixed) municipal waste, all placed in public-traffic spaces.

All users in the entire area of operation of UC Čistoća are provided with bulky waste removal, free of charge, up to 2 m³ annually, from the service user’s billing location.

In addition, in the City of Rijeka area bulky waste removal can be organized via large 5 m³ waste containers – the skips.

Citizens can also dispose of valuable and difficult types of household waste in the recycling yards as well as in the mobile recycling yards.

The activity of waste collection also includes the removal of non-hazardous industrial waste from the companies from the area of the City of Rijeka and its metropolitan area.

Maintenance of the public-traffic spaces cleanliness

UC Čistoća Ltd performs the activities of maintaining public-traffic spaces cleanliness in the city of Rijeka according to the Public-Traffic Spaces Cleanliness Maintenance Operations Plan, which is determined every year in collaboration with the City’s Municipal Services Department. The Plan is available on the City of Rijeka website.

The public-traffic spaces cleanliness maintenance, which includes the scope and cleaning technologies in the other towns and municipalities where UC Čistoća manages waste, is determined by annual contracts with the individual local self-government units.

Maintenance of the public-traffic spaces cleanliness operations plan:

  • cleaning and washing of public-traffic spaces, manually and/or mechanically – with specialized vehicles 
  • dustbin emptying operations in the city centre as well as at bus stops
  • intensified cleaning during major events
  • maintenance of public toilets and bathrooms
  • cleaning of beaches in summer periods 
  • autumn operations, which include intensified cleaning of streets in the wider city centre, with special emphasis on the removal of leaves from roads and pavements
  • winter operations, which include a work organization plan for the gritting of public spaces, removal of snow and ice, and removal of grit from public spaces

Green spaces maintenance

In the area of the city of Rijeka, UC Čistoća Ltd landscapes and maintains parks, tree avenues and other green spaces owned by the City of Rijeka.

Green spaces maintenance includes:

  • landscaping and maintenance of parks,
  • mowing lawns,
  • raking,
  • pruning and shaping of perennials, trimming of shrubs, hedges and trees in tree avenues,
  • planting, watering, fertilizing and weeding of flower beds,
  • upkeep of existing and landscaping of new green spaces.

Ownership structure

Basic company information

Name: Utility Company ČISTOĆA Ltd for cleanliness maintenance and waste management (Komunalno društvo ČISTOĆA d.o.o. za održavanje čistoće i gospodarenje otpadom)
Short name: UC ČISTOĆA Ltd (KD ČISTOĆA d.o.o.)
VAT ID Number (OIB): 06531901714
Registered number (MB): 3322661
Company headquarters: Rijeka, Dolac 14
Telephone: +385 51/353 409
E-mail: cistoca.rijeka@cistoca-ri.hr
Company registered with the Commercial Court in Rijeka, MBS 040013304 (Tt-02/124-2).
Equity capital: EUR 3.250.726,66 paid in full
Company Director: Bojan Jurdana
Business accounts:
Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d.
IBAN: HR7224020061100387975, IBAN: HR40240061500259896
Raiffeisenbank Austrija d.d.
IBAN: HR8224840081101760375, SWIFT: EZBHHR2X