Waste that cannot be prevented and cannot be recycled, can still be used in a purposeful way.

Mechanical-biological waste treatment (MBWT) produces fuel from waste – this fuel is called refuse-derived fuel (RDF) or solid recovered fuel (SRF). It is used as a substitute fuel in industrial plants by adding it in specific ratios to regular, usually fossil fuel. Gas generated in the waste disposal and treatment process can, for example, be used to generate electricity.

County Waste Management Centre Marišćina

County Waste Management Centre Marišćina is the first waste management centre built in the Republic of Croatia. With its construction, our county solved the problem of waste management in an environmentally friendly and acceptable way, in accordance with the European directives. Thanks to its modular technology, the system is also adaptable to the new principles of circular economy. With the beginning of the operation of the CWMC Marišćina, preconditions were created for the remediation of all existing landfills.

More than 70 percent of the construction cost for the Centre was funded through EU grants. According to the European criteria, an average family spends around 3 percent of their income on waste management, while in Croatia this percentage ranges between 1.5 and 2.5 percent, depending on the income of the specific family.  Although waste treatment and disposal have a higher price, in 2018 the possibility of the current method of waste disposal will cease and all existing landfills must be closed and remediated.

CWMC Marišćina – Ekoplus: https://www.ekoplus.hr/