To reuse means to find new purpose for something that has lost its original function.

Thinking about reuse implies a dose of creativity. And everyone is at least a little bit creative. Before throwing away a used-up item, we can always think – what other purpose could this serve?

Here are some ideas to encourage this line of thinking:

Jars and pots can be used to store food or items in the kitchen.

A jar can become a pencil (or other small items) holder.

  • Old newspapers can be used to wrap fragile items when moving to another home,
  • When buying products, consider the potential reuse of their packaging – choose products whose packaging stimulates your creativity.

Furniture can be restored in many creative ways.

A worn-out chair can become a shelf.

  • Old cotton T-shirts can become cleaning cloths,
  • Old books with torn covers can be wrapped and thus repaired, and it is always nicer to give books away than to throw them away,
  • Old windows with undamaged glass panes can be turned into small greenhouses for growing seedlings.

A sheet of paper printed on one side can be used for notes and drawing on the blank side.

With a little creativity, you can redesign, refresh and mend your clothes yourself.

You can give away items that are not broken or used-up, but you no longer use.