Self-watering planters are great for a variety of plants, from fast-growing tomatoes to small houseplants. With a growing interest in urban agriculture, these planters offer a great “first garden experience” for new growers.

Workshops held

As part of the Flower Fair on Tito Square, which took place from 8 to 12 May 2019, UC Čistoća organized an educational workshop on Friday, 10 May 2019, on how to make self-watering planters. Practical concrete examples were used to show citizens how they can make such planters themselves, what they look like and what they consist of. In addition, a children’s workshop was organized where children learned how to make self-watering planters out of plastic bottles. The children made the planters, filled them with soil and sowed herb seeds in them.

On the occasion of the World Environment Day, UC Čistoća held an educational workshop on proper waste management and on making self-watering planters. The workshop took place in Pegaz on 4 June 2019 and was attended by the 1st to 4th grade pupils of Primary Schools Centar, Pašac and Orehovica.

On the occasion of the closing of the children’s festival Tobogan and in cooperation with the Green Wave programme of the European Capital of Culture, UC Čistoća organized a pop-up workshop on making self-watering planters. The workshop was intended for children and it took place on 11 July 2019, in Vladimir Nazor Park. The planters were made of plastic bottles, and the workshop participants sowed herb seeds in every planter they made.