Eco-action of the Faculty of Teacher Education

UC Čistoća joined a laudable initiative of a group of students from the Faculty of Teacher Education in Rijeka. In front of the entrance to the Faculty building on the Trsat Campus, there are rectangles inside the paved areas in which low ornamental plants were planted. Due to inadequate maintenance and difficult conditions for plant material (shallow layer of soil, poor drainage), these areas soon became – waste bins. Until a student, Lana Šošić, decided on her own initiative to clear up cigarette butts from those areas, and then several professors and students decided to join her.

This initiative resulted in a small eco-action which encouraged students to clean and maintain the grounds around the Faculty building in order to promote environmental awareness.

UC Čistoća joined this campaign by donating adequate plant material (flowering perennials and ornamental grasses) that will better withstand harsh conditions in those spaces, and by donating soil and decorative sand and tools. Furthermore, a landscape architect from UC Čistoća, Bia Gec educated the students on planting methods, how to prepare surfaces, and how to maintain and care for them afterwards.

After the successful planting action, the students put up cheerful placards in the refreshed spaces with messages that call for the care for greenery and responsible behaviour towards waste.