No. Branches, twigs and green waste from gardens and backyards do not belong to bulky municipal waste. According to the Decision on the Maintenance of Public Cleanliness and Order of the City of Rijeka, it is prohibited to dispose of sawdust, cut shrubbery and branches, or any other green waste, in public spaces as well as in waste bins.

This type of waste can be disposed of free of charge by personally transporting it to the recycling yards Mihačeva draga and Pehlin (up to 2 m³ per year). Users also have the option of bulky waste collection at the user’s billing location in the quantity of up to 2 m³ per year, whereby, under the same conditions, citizens can order the removal of green waste generated by pruning gardens and backyards, instead of bulky waste. More information is available on this link.

This free of charge removal of waste service is only available to natural persons and not to legal entities. Also, by contacting the Commercial Department of UC Čistoća, you can order individual removal of bulky waste at the following rates: HRK 400.00 (3 m³ skip) or HRK 600.00 (5 m³ skip).